Evolved experience for fresh savor

The roots of Hermann Kräuter go back to the year 1946 when the company was founded by Willi Hermann Sr.

His grandson, Willi, now 3rd generation head of the family business, started concentrating on herb farming at the end of the 1980s. Ever since, Hermann Kräuter has stood for fresh, delicious herbs, be it in the pot, as a bunch or individually packed up.

If parsley, chives or dill -
Herrmann Herbs is standing for fresh fine herbs

Besides classic herbs such as parsley, chives or dill, we offer a large variety of healthy, domestic products. Keeping in mind our own tradition, we rely on grown expertise, the latest technology and constant quality management in all our production processes. "QS GAP" certification justifies your trust in us and our responsible management.

Despite our high technology standards in production, our business commits to protecting the environment and saving resources in farming and transport alike. Imports are carried out by established and personally known partners and completely traceable.

Prime working conditions and social commitment help in creating a constructive and friendly atmosphere on every basis. Discover our fresh variety of herbs for modern and light cuisine. Our sublime service will accommodate all your wishes and queries. We look forward to welcoming you!